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Manage requests and requirements for temporary workcations with Localyze. Our global mobility platform makes it easy to remove the friction of evaluating local regulations.

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What are Workcations?

Workcations are a combination of the words “work” and “vacation,” a workcation is an employee initiated trip primarily taken for personal reasons where the employee continues to work from a new location rather than taking PTO while away.

Business trips are trips that are initiated by the company for work purposes such as an offsite, team meet-ups, visits to a vendor, conference attendance, or visiting other offices. 

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would work from vacation if it meant they could extend their trip.
(Source: Marriott Vacations WorldWide)

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of companies feel that they are excellent at helping employees balance work/life demands.
(Source: Deloitte)

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Workcations provide risk-free flexibility to employees

Workcations allow companies to seamlessly provide flexibility to their employees through temporary remote work policies. Removing the risk and hassle associated with local regulations.

Workcations provide employees the flexibility they crave to travel more and have been proven to boost employee creativity, motivation, and retention.

Localyze evaluates country requirements, manages workcation requests, and streamlines your entire workflow, ensuring HR & business leaders to stay compliant.

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How it works

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    Check country requirements for workcation destinations

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    Allow employees to easily request Workcations

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    Manage all workcation requirements in one centralized place

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    Access support from our case managers at every step

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