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9 ways to provide international hires relocation support

A very simple definition of global mobility is a company’s ability to move talent from one international location to another. For new hires, there’s a lot to consider before, during, and after the move. If you want to provide new talent with the best possible experience, you should familiarize yourself with all the logistics of relocation, and offer as much support as you can. 

In this article, we list nine important things companies should be mindful of during a new hire’s relocation so that they can provide them with holistic, comprehensive support.

Immigration and visa support

This is perhaps the most important area where employers can support new international hires. Moving to a new country always involves a lot of bureaucracy and administrative work. And the complexity of those two things varies from country to country. The whole process can quickly become overwhelming, especially when your new hire doesn’t speak the language of the destination country. 

Partnering with a global mobility service provider makes the entire process easier, less stressful, and allows new hires to focus their energies on the next chapter of their career instead of filling out forms and dealing with legal formalities.

Travel arrangements

When you’re getting ready to move abroad and have a dozen things on your mind, it can be difficult to focus clearly on everything you have to do before leaving. The likelihood of forgetting something or skipping over a few small details is high. There’s one aspect of the relocation process where you definitely don’t want to make such oversights— travel logistics.

For instance, making the mistake of booking a flight for the wrong time or from the wrong airport could be costly and result in a logistical headache. To avoid ordeals like this, support your talent with travel assistance, either from a travel agency or, again, with the help of a comprehensive global mobility service provider. 

Medical and travel Insurance

Medical and travel insurance is a must, especially when undertaking the relocation process during a pandemic! Booking these insurance policies will protect your international employees and your company against emergency expenses such as COVID-related costs or repatriation. Including this in the relocation support package ensures that appropriate cover is in place before the employee’s start date. 

Additionally, most countries require visa applicants to have a health insurance policy in the destination country prior to arrival. 

Housing accommodations 

Finding a place to live can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful, especially in larger cities where there are housing crunches and rental costs are high. It’s unlikely that new hires will have much spare time to look for housing after arriving at their destination—or the headspace. 

It’s common practice for companies to help talent they relocate with both short-term and long-term housing assistance. Consider contracting a rental broker or agency to help your talent find suitable accommodations or offer financial assistance to pay for the rental deposit. 

Education support

If your new hire has a family and children, they’ll need to enroll them in school. Under normal circumstances, selecting a school for their children can be an important and difficult decision for parents. Doing so in a new country adds another layer of complexity. To help your talent and their family ease into their new lives, pair them with experts that specialise in educational assistance. Many have close relationships with local schools and can help your talent’s family make an informed decision. 

Banking and financial services

In order for your talent to receive their salary, pay bills, and establish themselves financially, they’ll need at the very minimum a checking account at a local bank. Depending on their financial assets, they may require more in-depth services. If your talent doesn’t speak the local language, consider having someone accompany them to an appointment at a bank to make sure they’re able to open an account or get whatever financial services they require.

Utilities providers

Once your new hire finds a place to live, they’ll probably have to sign up for utilities like electricity and internet. Though this isn’t the most complex part of the relocation process, it can take up a fair amount of time. Especially when comparing providers, quality of service, and costs. It should be easy and inexpensive to outsource this task to someone local. The gesture will undoubtedly be appreciated.

Language training

Language barriers are one of the hardest challenges that international employees face. One of the best deterrents against culture shock is learning the local language early on. Even having a rudimentary understanding of it can help tremendously. Consider providing talent with a stipend for language classes or access to language-learning software.

Local area orientation

There’s always an adjustment period when moving to a new location. It takes time to become familiar with new surroundings. You can facilitate that process for your talent by pairing them with a local area orientation service. This is a service that provides a high-level view of the area and helps newcomers to better understand things like housing, transport, culture, shopping, entertainment, and so forth. Essentially it’s like having a guide to give local tips and insight, which can help your talent feel at home as quickly as possible.

The bottom line

International relocation is very involved and can easily be a stressful experience. As an employer, you can help new hires transition easier by providing them with a host of relocation services. This will enable them to adjust to their new surroundings more easily and begin their tenure at your company with a clear head.

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