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A trip where an employee works from another destination for personal reasons, such as visiting family abroad or extending a holiday.

Business trips

Employer-initiated trips taken by your team to fulfil business needs, such as an account executive travelling to meet a prospect.

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What has compliance got to do with it?

When your team travels without the right compliance requirements, it puts the company at risk of financial penalties, increased HR workload and has a negative impact on the company’s brand. 

Employment law

Employment law requirements liKe the posted workers directive and permanent establishment need to be assessed per trip.


Business trips may have corporate or wage tax implications for the company and the traveler, especially if the trip is deemed to constitute a permanent establishment by the authorities.

Social security

Social security compliance may require business travelers to carry an A1 certificate or certificates of cover.

Visa and Immigration

Traveling on the wrong kind of visa or immigration permissions can lead to drastic consequences. Business travelers need to be on the relevant visa.

Ensure business travel compliance

Top companies like Netflix and Bosch have had to pay millions of Euros in penalties for non-compliant business travel.

Streamline your team’s workations and business trips in one place

Manage all your team’s requests and say goodbye to excel sheets for travel tracking.

Our “Manage Requests” dashboard enables you to track, approve and stay on top of all business-related travel.

Streamline your team’s workations and business trips in one place

Boost employee retention, champion business expansion

Attract and retain the best talent by offering them the benefits they actually want: workations.

Enable your team to take the trips they need to grow your business, without the compliance pitfalls.

How it works

Step 1

Step 1

Your employee submits a request.

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