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Workations empower employees to work from a different location without utilizing their paid time off, fostering increased satisfaction and productivity, while also boosting retention rates and promoting a healthier work-life balance.

With our Workations solution, you can offer your employees maximum flexibility without the compliance headaches.

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Workations made easy with Localyze
What are Workations

What are Workations?

Workations are employee initiated trips where your employees work from a different location from their usual one without taking PTO. For instance an employee visiting family for an extended period of time can take a workation.  

In contrast, Business trips are trips that are initiated by the company for work purposes such as an offsite, team meet-ups, visits to a vendor, conference attendance, or visiting other offices.

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Streamline and de-risk your team’s workations

Offer the maximum flexibility without compliance headaches

Avoid compliance pitfalls. With Workations by Localyze, you can provide your team with flexibility while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and local requirements. 

Stay on top of your team's work-related travel

Localyze’s Workation request form allows your team to be transparent with their upcoming trips, while your “Manage Requests” dashboard gives you an overview of all requests. 

Attract and retain talent

Boost employee retention, creativity and motivation with benefits that current employees and new hires want. 

Streamline and de-risk your team’s workations

How it works

  • circle with a checkmark

    Share your unique form

    You share your company’s unique workations request form link with your team

  • circle with a person inside

    Employees submit requests

    Your employees fill in and submit their request form

  • points on a range

    Proceed with Workations

    Manage all requests from the “Manage Requests” dashboard

  • envelope

    We take care of the rest!

    Localyze will take care of the rest, keeping you and your employee informed every step of the way

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Embrace the trend of workations while ensuring compliance

Our workations compliance checklist covers everything you need to consider, from destination approval and corporate compliance to post-travel review.

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Workations compliance checklist by Localyze

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