Release Log

New updates and improvements to Localyze.

  • What's new?

    Case Evaluation Summary

    In order to better help Talents understand the case process, an evaluation summary will now be created at the start of new cases that includes expected visa type, required documents, and estimated timelines. 

    Localyze Case Evaluation summary showing recommended visa and required documents.

    Improved Talent Experience

    • The list of completed steps has been moved to the top of the My Journey feed to make them easier to find.
    • My Overview content has been slimmed down to create a more scannable reference and includes a link to the Knowledge Center to learn more.
  • What's New?

    A standardized and more efficient HR updating process

    • New case state - "Waiting": The "Waiting" indication will now be used to update HR users on cases where no relevant information is expected over a longer period of time. (ex: waiting on embassy appointment date)
    • Automated Updates: An automated update will now be sent one week after the last manual update was posted (excluding 'Waiting' cases).
    • Improved Talent Overview for HR and Admin users: The Overview page now includes current status of all cases at a glance.
  • What's New?

    Talent Onboarding

    All talent now go through an onboarding flow upon sign-up that introduces them to Localyze and provides information about their booked support.

    gif of talent onboarding flow showing introduction to Localyze, meeting your case manager, and what to expect from the visa process.

  • What’s New?

    Office Billing Updates

    • You can now see and edit HR users can now see and edit an office’s billing center from the Office’s page. Admin users can access this functionality from the Company Profile page.
    • The “Add Office” button now takes users to the Add Office page where the entire form is visible on one page. Billing center has been added as a required field on this form.

    Screenshot of software application showing a blank form

  • What’s New?

    Revamped Talent Experience

    A new Talent Experience improves usability for Talents through the global mobility journey.

    • Mobile-responsive - Talents can now easily access their account from their phones or tablets with the new, mobile-responsive design.
    • My Overview - this new dashboard provides Talents focus and guidance while highlighting the most important information they need to know.
    • My Journey - this new dashboard provides an overview of the entire case, showing all steps along the way, including current to-dos, upcoming steps and completed steps.
    • Case evaluation - this new, introduction step creates a personalized, step-by-step journey for the Talent in order to provide clear focus for the rest of their journey.
    • Steps - a new and improved design walks Talents through every step of the global mobility journey, making it easy to both complete current steps and preview upcoming ones.
  • What's new?

    HR can now submit Pre-checks with more information that will help the Pre-check team evaluate and give a more accurate response. Here’s what we’ve added for a more detailed Pre-check experience:

    • Option to select more than one nationality
    • Option to select different currencies such as (EUR, CHF, GPB, PLN, USD)
    • Option to add the related city
    • Better understanding of appointment wait times by linking to related knowledge page
  • What's new?

    Sharable Reporting

    • The sharable report feature is now live on the Reporting page. This new functionality allows users to send a CSV version of the report to a single or multiple email addresses. The email includes a button to download the CSV.
  • What's new?

    File size management and design updates

    • Improvements to document upload design and functionality - We've increased the file upload limit from 3MB to 50MB per upload. This update eliminates the need to compress files before uploading to the Localyze app. It should also negate the need to share files through channels outside of our app, like email and chat.
    • Updates have also been made to the manner of storage and managing size limitations, making file uploads both safer and more efficient
  • What's new?

    New notifications for upcoming visa or residence permit is approaching expiration.

    • HR users will now be notified via email on the 1st and 15th of each month if one of their Talents’ visa or residence permit is approaching expiration.
    • Notifications will be triggered three months prior to expiry, and again at six weeks following the initial notification.
    • HR can reply directly to email notifications to reach their Case Manager at Localyze for fast support.
  • What's new?

    • Updates to Additional Services for HR users. HR will now have a better understanding of what the additional services are and how it can benefit their Talent. These updates will allow HR users to select better services for Talent with:

      New categorical groupings of Additional Services, making this step easier to use
      New display of service descriptions making selection more efficient
      Added resources per country selected during Create Case flow. If "Germany" has been selected, HR user will be linked to the Germany services informative page.
  • What's new?

    software application displaying a reporting dashboard with user table

    Updates to Reporting - We’ve added a new feature to Reporting will track and highlight your cases at risk of not hitting their start date. "At Risk" cases will be shown in red, in accordance with the known average processing times for the case's relocation embassy appointment date. Case Manager will be notified of those at risk, to mitigate the effects whenever possible, one week prior to the "At Risk" status

  • What's new?

    Updates to Reporting - We’ve improved how filtering works in the Reporting page so you can now refresh the page without filters getting reset. Updates also allow users to navigate easily to a previously used, specific, filtered view of your report by saving the URL.

  • What's new?

    software application reporting dashboard displaying a user table

    • Localyze Reports - Introducing a clean and simple way for HR Admins to access important case information in the Localyze app. This new feature enables exportable reports on every case in your system so that you can keep a consistent pulse on your Global Mobility activity and streamline support for talent. We've also added a convenient search function to save you time in-app.

      Try new Localyze Reports: log in to your Localyze account, find "Reporting" in the navigation panel to view all cases. Click on the column headers to organize by column, and see the Export Report positioned in the corner of your report.

      More robust functionality within the Reporting function is coming soon! Help shape new reports for your team’s specific needs by sending us your feedback.
    • Updates to Company Profile - Billing information has been moved to the overall Company Profile section rather than being located within an Office Profile. With this change we've made it easier for HR admins to update company billing information within Localyze.‍

    If you have questions or feedback on these or other updates, please let us know by emailing us at

  • What's new?

    HR experience updates

    • We have redesigned the look-and-feel of integrations page to be improve fast usability for HR users
  • What's new?

    • We’ve added external link attributes to all links in FAQs on the Knowledge section, opening each item in separate tabs.
    • New alphabetical organization of uploaded documents within talent profiles have been implemented.
  • Updated performance improvements

    • We've added pagination to the Localyze app to improve the overall performance for all users.
  • What's new?

    New progress bar improvements for HR users.

    • This update gives users more clarity on the progress of current cases.

    New email notifications enabled for HR users.

    • We’ve added specific email notifications to create more clarity for HR users related to any blockers or milestones for their cases.

    Talent Profile updates

    • The document list for users now correctly shows when the file was uploaded, as well as when the file was re-uploaded.

    HR experience updates

    • We’ve enabled multiple status update emails when different milestones or blockers happen.
    • HR will now see a toast notification when checking a task, confirming correct completion of necessary items.
  • New filter-by-country.

    • We’ve added filters within the admin user view of our app. These additions should improve the search for specific destination countries and help users save valuable time and effort.
  • What's new?

    Updates to Sign Up emails for new Talents

    • To help new Talent understand Localyze support, we’ve updated sign-up emails to be clearer and engaging. This should improve the overall relocation experience, understanding of how Localyze will support them, and increase rate of important message delivery.