May 2024

Comprehensive workations compliance checklist

Embrace the trend of workations while ensuring compliance with our workations compliance checklist. This essential guide assists HR managers in:

  • Selecting and approving suitable workation destinations.
  • Establishing clear guidelines and expectations for remote work.
  • Ensuring employee health, safety, and well-being during workations.
Workations compliance checklist by Localyze

What's inside

Destination selection: Criteria for choosing the right workation destination.

Corporate compliance: Critical policies on social security, intellectual property, and data privacy.

Pre-travel compliance: Key steps to take before employees travel abroad.

Post-travel review: Steps to audit expenses and review compliance after travel.

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FAQs about workations

Have questions about workations and how your organization can remain compliant? We've created a list of the most commonly asked questions below. If you want to discuss further, book a demo with one of our experts – we're here to help!