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An overview of Localyze’s employee relocation services in the UK

Many of us at Localyze have had the opportunity to relocate for work. But there have been times when we've had to conduct that process alone without any assistance. Quite simply, moving to another country is a headache and, without the right support, can transform what should have been an exciting opportunity into an anxiety-fuelled nightmare – for both company and new employees alike.

That’s why Localyze now exists: to help make that process as seamless as possible for companies so your new employees can settle into their new homes and focus on conducting meaningful work. 

Of course, the process will look different depending on which country you’re relocating employees to. We have dedicated case managers and global mobility experts spread throughout Europe to help support any global mobility challenges you may face, no matter where you are. But for now, we’ll introduce you to what we offer to our companies based in the United Kingdom.

The platform

First, let’s take a look at what the Localyze platform does. Whether you’re organising a relocation, creating a remote employment set-up, or even arranging a business trip, there is a long list of complications that come along with the process. Keeping track of forms, appointments, important dates, and so on is an arduous task for everyone and especially for People teams who are also expected to ensure the day-to-day in the office runs smoothly for everyone and not just international hires. With Localyze, you can keep all those complicated details related to global mobility in one place so you can focus on what matters most: your employees. 

With the support of a dedicated case manager, use the Localyze platform to keep track of any visa appointments, Labour Market approvals, international hire arrival times, and anything else related to a smooth relocation for all employees. Manage multiple employees in any office location and access our knowledge section for all the information you need on global mobility. On top of that, you can integrate Localyze into your existing HR tools to keep things as streamlined as possible.

How it works

If simply keeping track of relocation details isn’t quite enough, we offer a range of packages that allow Localyze representatives to do most of the heavy lifting and support any global mobility challenges you might face, from visa support, family support, business trips to full relocations. We offer three tiers: Basic, Assisted and Premium. 


Under a basic tier, someone at Localyze can offer step-by-step guidance on how to track important details in the platform, however, the company or employee will need to manage the relocation process themselves. 


In this tier, your company will have one dedicated case manager from Localyze who can answer any questions you might have relating to the relocation process. However, the company or employee is responsible for booking appointments themselves.


In the premium tier, the company has access to a dedicated case manager from Localyze, with whom you’ll have regular calls. They are responsible for booking all appointments for the employee. 

We know that moving abroad is more than just a visa application, and the added stress of getting settled can be too much to bear alone. And unless you have an in-house relocation expert, guiding your new international hire in all things housing, banking, school searches, and family support is extremely time-consuming for an HR professional. In addition to our three tiers, we offer a range of additional services for an extra fee, including:

  • Sponsor licence applications and renewals
  • Application for Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Application for Naturalisation
  • Family support for accompanying family members
  • Kindergarten and school search 
  • Personal appointment support, billed hourly

What’s included in each package?

Navigating the bureaucracy that comes with relocating to a different country is an arduous process which is why we aim to make each package as seamless as possible for both the company and employee. We’ve included the following services: 

Visa only

In this package, you’ll have full access to the Localyze software and we’ll take over the entire visa process, including communication with service providers, embassies and authorities. We’ll also create and review all relevant documents, set up any appointments with the local immigration office, and give guidance for BRP Card collections, police registration and work checks. 

Full relocation

For this package we offer everything outlined above in the visa package, as well as support with opening a bank account, applying for a national insurance number, information on housing and finding accommodation, and guidance for registering with a local GP.

Visa Renewal and Change

In this package you will have access to the Localyze software, and we’ll assist with your application for the visa extension or change, as well as create and review the necessary documents and communicate with relevant service providers and authorities.

Family only

For this package, we offer full relocation support for an employee's family members, including visa assistance and help getting set up in the UK with a bank account, national insurance number, and so on. 

Family support

Any services booked for the employee can be extended to the family, no matter how many accompanying family members.

Indefinite Leave to Remain and Naturalisation

In this package, we can attend any appointments with the employee and assist with written correspondence. We’ll also help prepare and submit the application and supporting documents. 

This one is specifically for companies whom we support in obtaining or renewing the Sponsor Licence by preparing the application and supporting documents. 

This package includes information on different school types, analysis of the needs and desires of employee and child, communication with schools and arrangement of appointments, and support with arranging and submitting applications. 

A note on housing support: 

As it stands, the European housing market is incredibly complicated. While someone at Localyze can assist with anything related to housing, the time spent would be billed hourly rather than included in a package. 

Let us do the heavy lifting

If you’re a UK-based company looking to hire internationally but not sure where to start, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you simply have questions or want to know more about how the platform works, you can get started with a free consultation. We’re more than happy to chat through any specific queries you might have. 

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