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How the job contract influences the visa process

The work visa is tied to a specific employment and its conditions, like the number of hours and the salary, but also the specific job position and tasks. It's recommendable to get familiar with the minimum requirements so you don’t get into trouble when requesting a work permit for your employee!

Minimum salary

For each job, there is a minimum salary, so international candidates don’t earn less than their national colleagues. You can find out about the limits in the so called “Entgeltatlas”. In general, the minimum salary for a Blue Card (in 2021), a residence permit for skilled workers, is 56,800€ and 44,304€ for skilled workers in special positions like engineers, IT or in the medical sector. You can check out our article on the EU Blue Card if you are curious to learn more about this specific work permit.

Contract duration

Also, you should keep an eye on the contract duration. The contract doesn’t have to be unlimited, but it should not be shorter than one year. 

Job position & description

The job position and description should be in line with the education of your employee. In our experience, nothing is impossible, but it's much easier to obtain a work permit if education and job are somehow related. Last year, we supported a candidate who was a learned cook but got hired as a senior developer. The process worked, but it's recommended not to stretch it too far.

Know the chances before you hire

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