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Localyze CEO, Hanna Asmussen, presenting on stage at WebSummit 21

Web Summit 21: Localyze shares mission of borderless world

he annual Web Summit conference in Lisbon brings together some of the most visionary people and companies in tech from across the world. It is one of the best forums to learn about the latest industry developments and get insight into future trends. This year was particularly memorable for Localyze. Our CEO, Hanna, was invited to give two presentations.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, Hanna gave a talk at the Growth Summit on the topic of hybrid setups and why they’re integral to success and hyper growth. She was also asked to speak on the final day of the conference on the Centre Stage, along with seven other founders & CEOs of “breakout startups” that everyone should be watching, according to the world’s leading investors.  

She spoke about her personal experience with international borders and how that eventually inspired her to found Localyze. As a child, Hanna grew up in Germany near the Danish border. She and her family often visited the country freely and without difficulty. When she was older and working abroad, however, she realized the freedom to cross borders isn’t universal. In fact, more often than not, the process is very complicated and unnecessarily arbitrary. Not only does this put individuals at a disadvantage, but companies, too.


Why shouldn’t people be able to move freely between borders? Why does it have to be so difficult for workers and companies to find the people they need to succeed? It was out of this realization that Localyze— a modern solution to the longstanding challenges of global mobility— was born.

It was an exciting opportunity to share Localyze’s vision with the 40,000 plus attendees of the Web Summit. And for Localyze to be considered a breakout startup by industry experts. You can watch the full speech in the video above. We’ve also included a transcript of Hanna’s speech below.

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