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workation: where work meets vacations - a stack of books on the beach

Workation: where remote work meets vacation

Workations gained a lot of popularity during the last months, but what is this hybrid term about?

The word workation is a combination of “work” and “vacation”. A workation is essentially an employee initiated trip, primarily taken for personal reasons, where they continue to work from a new location rather than taking PTO while away.

The main difference with business trips is that the latter are travels that are initiated by the company for work purposes such as an offsite, team meet-ups, visits to a vendor, conference attendance, or visiting other offices.

Together with Equalture, a data-driven screening and matching platform designed to make outstanding hiring decisions while eliminating unconscious bias, we explored Workations. Check out our infographic below and learn more about Localyze's Workations solution here.

learn all about workations with this infographic

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