Border Insights: A 2024 Outlook on Navigating Immigration Trends

Wednesday, 28th February | 3:00 pm CET


Join us for an insightful panel on immigration and visa trends in 2024. In a world of constant change, the dynamics of global immigration and visa policies are evolving rapidly, impacting both talent and businesses. This panel aims to discuss the current international talent landscape, anticipate future hiring trends on how to hire beyond "own borders," and provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Emerging visa/immigration trends and predictions for 2024
  • How legislative changes could affect international hiring
  • Shifts in work visa policies: remote work trends and their impact on traditional work visa structures
  • Expat talent: hiring talent beyond "owned borders"
  • Relocating employees in the current climate

Speakers so far

Host: Anthony Petane, Director of Product at Localyze

Iaroslav Mynov, Director Cross-Border Solutions, Medical Devices Industry

Daisy Ilaria, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Europe at ESPRIT

Claire Fielding: Director, Advisory Services EMEA