Expanding Your Horizons: How Global Mobility Can Transform Your Business Travel Strategy

Wednesday, May 31st | 3:00 pm CEST / 9:00 am EDT


In today's interconnected world of hybrid, remote, and office-based setups, the importance of global mobility for businesses cannot be overstated. Companies are increasingly expanding their operations across borders, and employees are traveling more frequently for work-related purposes. However, navigating the complex landscape of international teams and operations can be challenging, especially for organizations that are new to the game.

This panel discussion will explore how businesses are transforming their mobility strategies to include workcations, team meet-ups, off-sites, business trips, and more to foster face-to-face interactions. Our expert panelists will share their insights into how companies can improve employee experiences, employee retention, and enhance their overall competitiveness in the global marketplace through mobility programs.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • The benefits and challenges of global mobility for businesses
  • Best practices for managing international teams and operations in a remote, hybrid, or in-office setup
  • Ways to promote employee engagement and satisfaction through face-to-face off-sites, meet-ups and workcations
  • The future of global mobility and its impact on the business travel

Speakers so far:

Berit Moneke, Team Lead Customer Success at Localyze

Sally Flaxman, Director of Mobility at Remote

Giuseppe Lacerenza, Co-founder at Smartway

Christina Urrutia, Global Mobility Consultant and Co-Founder/Executive Director at Women of Global Mobility