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Spotlight on Employee Experience: Why it matters now

Managing immigration processes can be complex for both employees and internal HR teams. With sectors swinging between mass layoffs and fierce labor shortages, it is especially important for HR teams to focus on employee satisfaction as a retention strategy. When these two topics intersect, it is crucial for HR teams to be well-prepared to provide a great relocation experience for new and existing employees.

Curious about how leading industry experts are addressing these topics and the relocation process? Join us for a live panel conversation with industry experts discussing how they are addressing talent satisfaction, retention, and relocation head-on. Plus, get an exclusive view of the new Localyze Talent dashboard features. 

Hear from industry experts:

What you’ll learn:

  • Why do employee happiness & retention matter so much right now
  • Recommendations from industry leaders on how they are addressing these topics
  • What matters most for employees when they go through the relocation process
  • Walkthrough of Localyze’s latest Talent Experience platform
  • Audience Q&A 

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