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Global Mobility: the key to unlocking productivity and business growth

Hanna Asmussen, Localyze CEO and Co-founder

Hanna Asmussen

Localyze CEO and Co-founder

With 2024 fast approaching, many of us are thinking about those next big moves that will propel the business forward. What will be the winning component that not just strengthens your company's resolve, but slingshots it into success? While tackling this question, I invite you, whether you're a CEO, a team lead, an HR professional, or a Global Mobility specialist to remember the core component that fuels your every move: your people.

Finding the right people, keeping them, nurturing them — if we don't get this right, everything else falls away. As we search for the right strategy, highly skilled talent is giving us the answer: they want flexibility, not just to work from their home, but from wherever they want in the world. They relocate for new opportunities, work abroad as an extension of a personal trip, embark on trips to not just win business, but also develop themselves. They want mobility across the world. This is what we view as Global Mobility, and its influence is growing in the corporate world.

What do companies get in return when they invest in Global Mobility?

Not just plugging talent gaps, which are prevalent in Europe, but supercharging business performance and raising profits. Don't take it from us, but from 240 European business leaders and managers we surveyed on the return on investment they observe from offering their people support with relocations and workations.

According to them, relocations deliver an ROI gain of up to 270%, where the costs are far outweighed by the impact on productivity, talent retention, and overall profitability. Relocated employees demonstrate higher performance and commitment to the business — a fact that an overwhelming majority (78%) of our respondents confirmed. And nearly half of business owners and CEOs in our survey shared there's a direct correlation between supporting employee mobility across the world and higher company profits.

These findings confirm that Global mobility is not just a luxury perk: it's a vital business enabler. Poised to redefine the bery essence of corporate success at a time where the way we work is in flux, Global Mobility offers a unique window of opportunity. This report aims to guide you through the finer details, and explores three key areas:

  • ROI: Insights into the value of supporting your employees' mobility across borders
  • Benchmarking: Compare how you manage Global Mobility with other companies
  • Implementation: A roadmap on how to embed Global Mobility into your company

The future of work is not confined to the office, or to our homes, or even to our countries. It's global, mobile, and borderless, and the businesses that invest in that vision will be the ones to achieve the most growth, be the most resilient, and retain the best talent.

Learn more about our findings, in our latest ROI of Global Mobility research report.

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