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Global Mobility ROI Calculator

Unleashing Efficiency: Introducing the Global Mobility ROI Calculator

We're thrilled to introduce our latest tool designed to empower businesses worldwide — the Global Mobility ROI Calculator. This interactive tool provides you with insights on how to approach Global Mobility, drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and strategic advantage. In this post, we'll walk you through the features, methodology, and steps to unlock the full potential of the ROI calculator.


  1. What are the benefits of Global Mobility?
  2. What is the Global Mobility ROI Calculator?
  3. How it works
  4. Methodology: What sets our calculator apart
  5. Why is it important to measure return on investment of Global Mobility programs?
  6. Calculate your ROI

What are the benefits of Global Mobility?

Global Mobility, particularly in the context of relocations, unlocks a world of advantages for organizations seeking to expand their horizons. Firstly, it grants access to a broader pool of global talent, enabling businesses to tap into diverse skills and perspectives. Additionally, it fosters cultural awareness and understanding, creating an inclusive and dynamic work environment. Global Mobility also plays a pivotal role in employee retention and satisfaction, as it demonstrates a commitment to personal growth and a sense of belonging within the organization. By embracing Global Mobility, businesses not only enhance their competitive edge but also cultivate a more innovative and globally-oriented workplace. This strategic approach to talent management paves the way for long-term success and growth on a global scale.

What is the Global Mobility ROI Calculator?

The Global Mobility ROI Calculator by Localyze is an interactive tool that provides insights into the costs, benefits, and return on investment potential for your Global Mobility and relocation programs. By assessing your current process and your estimated yearly Global Mobility cases, it calculates tangible benefits, including time and cost savings, productivity gains, and more.

Discover the calculator here →

Global Mobility ROI Calculator by Localyze

How it works

  • Step 1 - Input Your Data: Start by entering details about your Global Mobility cases and employee relocations.

  • Step 2 - Assess your current process: Assess how you handle Global Mobility cases, identifying way to improve your processes.

  • Step 3 - Analyze your ROI results: Examine the calculated savings and gains to gauge potential benefits.

  • Step 4 - Receive the results in your inbox and share them with your team: Share the findings effortlessly with your team for further discussion.

Methodology: What sets our calculator apart

Our ROI Calculator brings together ROI insights from two sources: stats from the 10,000+ relocations we've supported since 2018 to and across EMEA and North America, and survey responses from our research, "The ROI of Global Mobility." Survey responses come from 240+ business leaders and HR decision makers whose businesses are based in the UK, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands. These companies have programs that allow employees to work from a different, international location than where they currently live. Our respondents include business owners and CEOs, directors, vice presidents, C-level executives, and senior managers. These professionals operate in various sectors, with the most represented industries being Software & Technology, Retail, and Financial Services.

Which parts of your business operations have improved because of Global Mobility

Why is it important to measure return on investment of Global Mobility programs?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of Global Mobility programs is crucial for efficient resource allocation and maximizing ROI potential across various Global Mobility cases. By incorporating data-driven decisions based on ROI metrics, organizations gain a competitive edge in their Global Mobility strategy, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their Global Mobility programs. Additionally, ROI measurement plays a pivotal role in elevating the employee experience, ensuring smoother relocations, greater compliance, and minimal disruptions during immigration and visa processes. This approach also extends to providing essential settle-in services, such as banking and schooling, further solidifying the organization's market position on the war for talent.

Calculate your ROI

The Global Mobility ROI calculator by Localyze is ready to help you transform your Global Mobility strategy. Try it now and see the potential benefits firsthand. Calculate your ROI now →

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