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Localyze is the trusted
partner of people teams
across Europe

We make people operations across borders as easy as operating in one country. We’ve helped over 5,000 people relocate over the last years and have made their lives a lot easier.

Why our customers love us

"Thank you Localyze for your awesome work! You guys truly had an enormous impact on our successful hiring in the last year and definitely simplified our lives in HR. The process is super transparent, easy and our new employees felt very good accompanied during the whole process."

Ana Hanssen, Tech Recruiter
@ Getsafe

“Localyze takes a lot of bureaucratic work off my hands and I can be sure that our new employees are in good hands. The platform is super intuitive, user-friendly and I can handover cases in less than two minutes.”

Carolin, People Operations Manager
@ Forto

“As a company, we had to adapt quickly to the demands of our current and future workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. We partnered with Localyze as a core enabler of our talent strategy, using their solution to address the new demands for location flexibility of our +2000 employees.”

Philip Schröer, Head of People Services
@ Free Now

"With Localyze, I have access to a digital dashboard for monitoring and tracking all ongoing global mobility processes. They even support me with communicating realistic start dates to the hiring managers and I don't have to worry about forgetting dates or documents."

Chanel Livolsi, HR Manager
@ Tier Mobility

"Localyze really shed some light on the relocation processes of our employees and helped us accelerate the whole process as much as possible. Working with the team was always easy and very transparent, especially thanks to their digital solution.”

Maximilian Eberle, HR & Recruiting Manager
@ Paradox Cat

"Localyze takes a lot of work off our shoulders in the relocation process and helps us ensure that employees have a good experience in the 'migration jungle'. The staff are knowledgeable, quick to respond to our wishes and needs, and implement them promptly. We value the cooperation on an equal footing."

Laura Hammelmann, Global Mobility Specialist
@ ThoughtWorks

We can help companies in all setups


Scaling across Europe

Personio is a fast-growing HR SaaS company with offices in Dublin, London, Madrid and Munich and about 700 employees who represent 60 different nationalities. With our continued rapid growth and team expansion across key European locations, we rely on Localyze as relocation & immigration partner.

Thanks to Localyze, Personio can access talent from anywhere and be sure that new international hires have a successful relocation process and a great start in their country - be it in Germany, Spain or Ireland. Personio can fully rely on Localyze for expert advice, a speedy processes and a great employee relocation experience!


Moving to a hybrid setup

FreeNow is a ride-hailing app, headquartered in Hamburg, and available in 100+ cities across Europe. Like many companies, FreeNow had to quickly adapt to the demands of their current and future workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FreeNow’s partnership with Localyze is a core enabler of their talent strategy, with FreeNow using Localyze to address the new demands for location flexibility and a remote-working model that works for their 2000+ employees.


Accelerated growth

Demodesk is a Series A-stage cloud-based screen sharing platform. Post Demodesk’s latest fundraise, Localyze enabled their accelerated team growth by helping the company with faster international hiring and team expansion.

With Localyze’s help, Demodesk was quickly able to set up an international talent & hiring pipeline and scale a high-performing team by sourcing talent from across Europe, to fuel a continued successful path to scale.

Trusted by the most
people-centric teams across Europe

Why your employees love us

"Last year I had to relocate to Berlin Germany from Morocco, and I had no idea how hard that was going to be, but thanks to the Localyze team, it really went like a charm."

Mohammed, Morocco

"The migration process is frustrating enough as-is to not make it even more painful involving an unknown process in the destination country to go through alone. Everyone needs a friend who knows the country and the processes really well. Localyze was that friend for me."

Saman, Iran

"I found the step tracking feature of greatest help. I found it really handy as I could easily track my progress and see what the next step in the process is just by having a quick look at the progress chart."

Chukwuemeka, Nigeria