March 2023

Report: How to Run the Modern Office

The last few years have seen big shifts in the ways companies manage their global mobility programs - with HR being left to sort things out on their own. From visas to taxes to employment law, there’s a lot to keep straight. Our new report, in partnership with Sifted, explores solutions for managing employee mobility more smoothly - at a fraction of the cost.

Packed with insights into the latest HR trends and innovations as well as tips on when and how to enlist the help of tech-enabled companies, this report published with Sifted is essential reading for Global Mobility and HR managers.

Everyone's minding budgets a little more carefully, but at the same time, the expectation from employees of what a relocation looks like is more now than in the past. The cost of not doing it well is very serious when it comes to attrition rates.

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Reece ProcterPeople Operations Lead, Personio

What's inside

With this report, you'll learn about:

  • Creating a global mobility plan
  • The rise of employee expectations surrounding relocations
  • How tech companies are evolving to assist HR teams with global mobility needs
  • A checklist for employee mobility management