February 2024

Talent management & Global Mobility in 2024

What's happening in the global economy? And why does it matter for People teams? Higher operational costs, aftershocks of inflation, and more – many global players are rethinking their next steps. In this guide, we explore three potential scenarios that could materialize in your company in the second half of 2024:

  • You achieve growth
  • Maintain operational status quo
  • Or downsize

We explore that talent management and mobility priorities could come up in each scenario, and how to prepare for them now.

Talent management in 2024 – Guide

What's inside

In 2024, companies have much to prove to bolster shareholder confidence and secure funding. Costs, budgets, and projects will be under a magnifying glass — while team leads prove that their work delivers business value.

This whitepaper will help you guide business decisions around talent management at an international scale and prepare for any business scenario.

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