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Breaking down borders: from vision to results

Localyze has been awarded the ‘Users Love Us’ G2 badge! This means that we’ve been consistently praised by our customers, after collecting 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. 

This is an extremely meaningful achievement for us, and with it, we’ve taken the time to reflect on what we do and how we got here. It gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on why it all started.

Breaking down borders for companies and their talent

Localyze began with a focused mission in mind: to break down borders. Our founders Hanna, Lisa, and Franzi were frustrated with how difficult it was to move abroad for work. Seeing an opportunity to make meaningful change, they began to collect some great minds to build a platform and team that would push for this vision.

That was back in 2018, when we were focused primarily on moves to Germany. Today, we’re a much bigger team, with a vastly evolved platform, covering a lot more countries and supporting a lot more mobility needs.

Bringing human and tech together

Rather than leaning into just the technology or just the service, over the years we’ve pursued a combination that is unique to us. Our case managers personally ensure talent and HR are moving through their relocation journey to more countries like Spain, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, the UK, the US, and more. In parallel, our tech teams have added more features to our platform that automate many parts of the relocation process, and vastly improve the overall experience. 

It’s not one at the cost of the other. While our platform is the core enabler of our business as a SaaS company, our case managers and customer support are what make us stand out as unequivocally human. Localyze is proud to have experts in all things Global Mobility, and we don’t keep them behind the product — they interact with customers, making them feel supported, nurtured and, most importantly, human, during what can be one of the most stressful experiences in many people’s lives.

Reflecting this growth in our brand 

We also embody this humanity in other ways, beyond our service. At the end of last year, we recapped some of Localyze’s achievements and focused predominantly on how we grew, and who we helped. 2023 was a huge year for us, where we got to spread the word of Global Mobility through events like Beyond Borders, help Afghan women arrive in Europe with the Imagine Foundation, and more. Find out more about these in the video below.

2023 was also the perfect time to cement our mission in our identity. We refreshed our brand and tone of voice, moving away from the more tech-heavy, B2B SaaS trend of old and evolving into a smoother, softer and human-centric visual language. 

Keeping the core tenets of the original brand, such as the globe, the blue, and a focus on people photography, we pushed the limits by adding curves and imperfect shapes. We added a gentler beige and pastel tones to our colour palette. We developed our very own playful illustration style. 

The way we speak has changed, too — we’re more focused on communicating with our audience as a Dependable Guide, offering insights and a helping hand whenever we can. The changes are big in some places and smaller in others — one example we’re particularly excited about is launching our research project, The ROI of Global Mobility, giving teams the data they need to make decisions on their next move with international talent.

From vision to results

The thing is, at the end of every product, every case, every move, there are people who deserve to be treated as more than a number. We never forget that and treat every case like it’s our last.

There are so many people at Localyze who make all of this possible. Our case managers, who directly handle talent, our events and marketing team, who bring people together to share ideas, our sales team, who ensure that businesses are finding the solutions they need, and of course, our tech teams, whose ingenuity has put this whole show on the road.

And here is just one example that captures the results of that commitment: 

This kind of feedback only pushes us to move forward even further. We’re set on our mission to unlock Global Mobility, and we know exactly why we do it.

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