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Global Mobility's impact on businesses and their people

The TLDR: Global Mobility's impact on businesses and their people

Our research has looked into a wide range of questions to get a clearer picture of Global Mobility to and from Western Europe. But what do all of these numbers mean for different stakeholders in the business?

Business leaders:

Offering your people mobility across the world can raise their productivity and boost company profits.

Relocated employees demonstrate higher performance and commitment to the business — a fact that an overwhelming majority (78%) of our respondents confirmed. With nearly half of business owners and CEOs in our survey saying there's a direct correlation between mobility benefits and higher company profits, it's clear that Global Mobility is not just a luxury perk; it's a vital business enabler in a world becoming more global by the day.

Relocating employees comes at a cost, but the benefits outweigh them by a large margin. Across the board, respondents reported a high ROI gain of up to 270% when comparing relocation costs to their impact on performance, engagement, and productivity.

How to win at Global Mobility: In the midst og return-to-office debates, business leaders should think bigger, looking beyond the confines of not just their offices, but their countries of operations. Enable your people's mobility across the world with options like relocations, workations, and business trips, and build teams of international experts who can support your business long-term.

ROI gain with global mobility for one year and two years

People teams:

Relocating talent across the world boosts employee engagement and retention, and improves your access to the right talent.

Global Mobility has a positive impact on your people — 70% of our survey respondents said relocated employees had gained career development benefits, while 66% said employees experienced personal growth. Even short-term mobility benefits like workations can have a considerable impact, where 87% said that they had boosted employee satisfaction at their companies.

Investing in Global Mobility just makes good business sense — chances are high that if people cannot move freely, they will leave for another employer who can accommodate their wishes. In a world where talent shortages are rampant, losing experts to competitors hurts the business and its bottom line.

Global Mobility also expands your pool of options as you work to fill new roles: this was the biggest benefit team leads cited. If a bad hire could set your company back $42,000, getting the right person becomes that much more important.

How to win at Global Mobility: Look beyond borders and bring talent to you through relocation support that our survey boosts employee morale and engagement. Use these statistics to demonstrate the value of your work and get more executive buy-in as you explore how to support your people's movement across borders.

Read the full report to learn more. Download ROI of Global Mobility report today.

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